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Alice in Chains MP3's


As of now, I have 4 MP3's For You!! How exciting. Well, Here They on the link to get them. more coming when I get time to upload them (FTP) please note that all mp3's are direct downloads, so that means less bullshit for you.

Please Visit my feedback page to request Mp3's. I'll encode and post requests first.

HEROIN Bootleg CD.

Sorry, I don't know what the hell happened to these, but the server no longer carries these files. All other MP3's are contained on my server space, so they should always be up.

Studio Tracks


We Die Young

Put You Down

Bleed The Freak

Sea Of Sorrow


Well Folks......That's All For Now....If you know where I can get my grubby hands on some more MP3's....Drop me a line, and i'll post them right away.

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