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Here is the place to find the latest news and rumors on Alice iN Chains.

If you find any interesting tidbits or facts....please e-mail them to me ASAP and i'll post them as soon as possable.

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Boggy Depot

On March 31, 1998 Jerry Cantrell will finally release his solo album titled "Boggy Depot"

Cantrell, axeman and songwriter for the
Seattle-based alt-grunge band Alice In Chains, will release
Boggy Depot, his first solo effort.

Here is the track list :

Cut You In
My Song
Settling Down
Breaks My Back
Jesus Hands
Keep The Light On
Hurt A Long Time
Cold Piece


Susan Silver Quits

A strong rumor that is most probably true is that  longtime
manager of AIC, Susan Silver, has given up her business.
After the breakup of Soundgarden, Sponge's dissappointing
album sales, and Alice In Chains future undecided, there
is no reason to keep it going. Word is that when asked
about AIC, she said they are about to "self-destruct"

Jerry Plays With Metallica

Jerry Cantrell was seen playing Lynrd Skynrd's "Tuesday's
Gone" with Metallica Oct. 18th near San Jose, California
at the Shoreline Amphitheater, in a beneift concert for the
Bridge School put on by Neil Young. Word is that he there
b/c he was working on his solo album in Sausalito, which
is a half hour away.

Jerry Solo Date Pushed Back

It seems that Jerry's solo album will be pushed back into
March 98'. There seemed to be some minor "glitches"
on the album that needed to be fixed. So I guess this
is an Alice In Chainless year.

Gangrene Rumor

There has been rumors of Layne having Gangrene. This is
. Layne is fine. Susan Silver
Management denied rumors, as shown on MTV's
Week In Rock. Read more about it here.

Jerry Solo Release!

The release date for Jerry's solo album as been anounced.
The current release date is set for Oct. 28th. The album
is in its final stages right now. The current working title
for the album is badly named "Bogey Depot". There
is no word on whether Jerry will tour for this album.
Rumor is Chris Cornell and even Layne might appear
on the album. Ill let ya know ;)!

Latest Rumors

Ok, first off, Layne's arms ARE NOT being "amputated" due to
his FORMER Heroin use or for any other reason. Layne is
fine and doing his thing so "dont worry". Second, I DONT
know when Jerry's solo album is due, it hasn't been anounced.
Third, the box set idea is off. The band said that they want
to put out more material before doing that kind of thing.
This also puts aside the rumor that AIC are breaking up.    

Jerry and Layne Go Solo

Well, its FULLY confirmed, Jerry Cantrell is currently in the studio
in Northern California working on his first solo album with Alice
drummer Sean Kinney lending a hand. Cantrell and Kinney will
also be joined in the Bay Area studio by a trio of bass players
including Pantera's Rex Brown, Fishbone's Norwood Fisher, and
Primus's Les Claypool.
 As for Layne, it is rumored that he is
working on his own solo album as well. Its said to be harder than
any AIC album ever put out. NOTE: This does not mean AIC are
breaking up.
I'll keep you posted.

Celebrity Auction

Alice In Chains memorabelia will be auctioned at a Celebrity
Auction Online
as well as other entertainment related items to
aid the TJ Martel Foundation's fight to cure AIDS and Cancer.
For more information, Click Here.

Pleasurable Piercings

Jerry and Sean were seen signing autographs at a
Hawthorne, NJ store Pleasurable Piercings on Feb.
28th. (Info provided by NJPUNX97)

Private Parts Premiere

Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney appeared at Howard
Stern's Private Parts movie premiere March 7th.

Grammy Loss

The tradition continues! AIC lost once again at the Grammys
in the category Best Hard Rock Performance for "Again" to
Smashing Pumpkins. All four members attended the show
(Yes! Even Layne!).

AIC Box Set/Solo Jerry/Mad Season

In a recent Rolling Stone article, it stated that AIC will be
coming out with a new album box set due out early 1997.
AOL members can access it here, for web surfers,
click here

Jerry Cantrell is currently working on his first solo
album. This is not FULLY confirmed yet.

As for Mad Season, Mike Mcready has finished the music for
the album and was waiting for either Layne Staley or Mark
Lanagen to finish it on vocals, but it seems that they both have
no interest in it. Mike Mcready will be looking for a new lead
singer and may change the name of the band.


Mike Inez stated in Metal Hammer Magazine that AIC will be
supporting KISS on thier upcoming Japanese Tour! He also
said that AIC have been writing new material for a while
now and there is a good chance there will be a new album
out this Spring! You can read the article on  Hugo's page!

Grammy Nomination

Alice In Chains were nominated for a 1997 Grammy Award
for "Best Hard Rock Performance" for the video "Again".
Lets hope they break their losing tradition and take the
Grammy home!

New Video?

Word is, Jerry Cantrell appeared on Howard Stern Jan. 9th.
He said that AIC are working on a video for Sludge Factory
that should be by March. Some deny this is true though.


Jerry, Kim Thayil and Matt Chamberlin from Soundgarden,
and other Seatle bands will play on a side project called
Pigeonhed. Look for an album called The Full Sentence
in Jan. or Feb. on Sub Pop Records.

Jerry Maguire

I saw the new Cameron Crow movie Jerry Maguire and I must
say it was one great movie. Jerry, as you know, had a small part
in it as a Kinko's Copies worker. His lines were really weird and
 he said something about balls. Anyways, the movie was great
and so was Jerry.

Latest Rumors

There have been alot of rumors concerning AIC lately. First,
Jerry Cantrell  is rumored to be working on a solo album.
Theres also a rumor that AIC are working on a five song EP
due out around Christmas. Then theres the Mad Season rumor.

R.I.P. Demri

Demri Parrot, a very close friend of Layne, died last Oct. We
are sad about this loss, and hope Layne feels better soon. Any
rumors of Layne being suicidal 100% totally FALSE. The band
denied the rumors and so do I. I think Layne is capable of taking
care of himself and doesn't need all of you to worry about him.
So lay off. 

Latest News Right Now

now allowed in Japan. heres the Scoop:

OK, as far as news goes, Jerry and Sean will be making a
trip to Japan for the duo release of both the Unplugged album
and the self titled Alice in Chains album in the Far East. The
release of the self titled album was delayed due to the legalities
and cultural opposition surrounding the three legged dog on
the cover. The band was forced to come up with a new cover
design specifically for the Japanese release. The alternative
artwork will be a white cover with a USDA approved Alice in
Chains stamp. All you collectors, get crackin', this one will be
worth a few Yen. While the guys are in Japan they will also att-
end the big MTV Halloween party. Both JC and SK will be in
costume, however we cannot give away their disguises....Spea-
king of "Alice in Chains Unplugged", the much anticipated video
was released on October 8, just in time for the holidays!! Hey,
who wouldn't want to find Layne, Jerry, Sean and Mike in their

Jerry Performs For President

Jerry performing for the President? Heres the Scoop!

Jerry participated in a jam session with Heart's own Ann
Wilson and Howard Leese. They performed for President
Clinton during his visit to Seattle on 9/18. It was planned
for the President to join Jerry and friends on the sax.
Unfortunately, President Clinton did not play that night,
but he did take a photo hugging our very own Jerry
"I'm the President's friend" Cantrell Said!.

New Mad Season Album

ALBUM! Yep, Barrett Martin said in Sworn and Broken, they are
currently working on a new album saying "Wer'e working on a new
Mad Season right now. Its going to be a double album."! Some have
said that Layne will sing on one cd and Mark Lanagen (Screaming
Trees) on the other. But no one knows if this information is actually
true. Layne said himself that he didn't even know about this. So far
all we know is that There *will* be another Mad Season album to
follow up Above.

Any News I dont know about? Tell me and Ill add it!

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